The Sprocket Sports team has built a modern, secure, configurable, intelligent, rules-based system responding to the needs and preferences defined by a number of leading youth sports clubs. This past year of COVID has been a challenging year for all clubs, especially given the need to offer different program variations, handle credits and refunds, and communicate to different player/parent groups with various tailored messages. Sprocket Sports has responded to those challenges with a steady stream of enhancements for use by those youth sports clubs that seek a "A Higher Gear" in the years ahead.

The Platform


Our configurable and intelligent registration tool works as seamlessly for camps, clinics and tournaments as it does for core programs, making cross-selling supplemental programs easy — all with a streamlined, intuitive user experience.


Our robust platform is engineered to make the payment process swift and painless via the integrated processing of credit card, debit card and ACH payments.

Financial Aid

Our financial aid module enables clubs to offer financial aid and scholarships to players and families that need it.

Club Websites

We deliver modern, elegant and configurable designs to help differentiate your club and break through the clutter in the youth sports marketplace.


Comprehensive report suite ranging from registration and financial aid reports to other reports supporting efficient integration with QuickBooks or other financial reporting systems. Also offering a strategic dashboard for club leaders to help manage the club, analyze trends and track progress.


It is better to give than to receive. This integrated module enables non-profit clubs to raise additional funds during registration as well as during other fundraising campaigns.


To enable administrators, marketers, coaches and team managers to send targeted messages to parents, players and prospects. For those clients with existing communications tools, the platform facilitates a simple integration via an API to provide customers with a “one-stop shopping” user experience.

Player Files

To store and track player-specific information ranging from player history to player progress reports.

Marketing Content and Services

We offer professional, club-specific content creation services including photography, video production, and advertising. This is how you build a club’s brand.


To help your club stand out from the crowd, we offer multiple video options and production services to showcase your club's coaches, teams, players and competitive advantages.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. So make sure you have quality pics! Options range from stock photos to onsite photography sessions at your club's games and practices to capture unique and branded shots.


Every club needs to recruit new players and retain the ones they have. Our custom Ads can help you build your brand and generate leads for tryouts and teams. Designed for social media platforms, email and old-fashioned print as well.