About Us

What We Do

Sprocket Sports is a modern platform that helps youth sports clubs thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. In addition to club websites and player registration, Sprocket Sports offers administration, marketing and communication solutions to help clubs build their brand, increase revenues and reduce operational expenses.

Our Mission

Sprocket Sports’ mission is to transform youth sports by providing innovative software, apps, data, services, best practices and thought leadership to clubs nationwide.

Our Story

Sprocket Sports emerged from a couple of well-intentioned dads who volunteered as Board members for their kids’ soccer club. The two parents were attempting to update the club’s cumbersome website to attract new players, streamline the registration process, and improve profitability. As it happened, that task wasn’t so easy. The inflexibility and inefficiency of the club’s multiple outdated, fragmented and expensive systems brought them to their wit’s end. They knew that there had to be a better way. Thus, the idea for Sprocket Sports was born.

Fortuitously, soccer dad Rich Gallun’s experience as a tech entrepreneur in employee benefits administration made him perfectly suited for the undertaking. It turns out that signing your kid up for a soccer team is very similar to enrolling in health insurance – at first glance, it seems easy, but it is actually riddled with complexities. Rich teamed up with former colleague Brett Baker and the two founded the company in 2019. Together with a number of former teammates as well as some new faces, the team is hard at work building the most advanced youth sports platform on earth. And now, their pain is your gain.

Our Team

The Sprocket Sports roster combines a passion for youth sports with backgrounds in enterprise software, data, marketing and professional services. Bringing decades of deep and relevant experience, the Sprocket Sports team understands how to provide leading technology and responsive service to satisfy the needs of clubs, coaches, parents and players.

Leadership & Business Development

Rich Gallun

Brett Baker

Reilly Cook

Samantha Janus

Emma Frutkin

Elíaz Rodriguez

Luke Weaver

Cavanaugh Koch

Chip Perkins

Holly Cornille

Greg Shannon

  • Kyle Brady, Business Development
  • Eric Buer, Business Development
  • Shawn Calvert, Technology
  • Phil Christensen, Technology
  • Tony Dahlberg, Technology
  • Alli Dimich, Client Services
  • Sue Gumbs, Business Development
  • Christopher Gyorgy, Marketing
  • Annie Huebner, Technology
  • Cory Ketner, Client Services
  • Robert Klempert, Technology
  • Nick Knoeppel, Technology
  • Asher Lampert-Okin, Client Services
  • Rachel Las, Client Services
  • Tyler McCarthy, Technology
  • Tanner McCleerey, Technology
  • Thomas McDowell, Business Development
  • Bob Peck, Technology
  • Darian Ruderman, Client Services
  • Bill Scott, Technology
  • Mindy Shore, Client Services
  • James Smith, Technology
  • Kyle Sokol, Business Development
  • Ashley Vedrody, Technology
  • Payton Whittier, Client Services
  • Patrick Yoder, Technology