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Player Development

The Sprocket platform supports club efforts to foster player development in many different ways, including player profiles, player progress, player retention and relevant Sprocket content and resources regarding development.

Player Profiles

The Profile module provides easy access to a player’s full club history, including prior registrations, relevant waivers, important documents and photos.

Player Retention

In the corporate world, it’s well-known that acquiring a new customer is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. And it’s difficult to claim that your club is developing players if they are not staying with your club year-over-year. Sprocket helps clubs get serious about player retention by offering services and tools to help track retention and identify areas for improvement. Check out Sprocket’s Analytics for Clubs: The GRO Program.

Screenshot of a player profile page in Sprocket Sports
Example of a player tryout overview panel in Sprocket Sports

Player Progress & Evaluations

Providing feedback to kids is important, but accomplishing this in a truly motivating way is not easy. Sprocket’s Player Progress/Player Evaluations module enables coaches and players to engage in a two-way discussion on how to become the best player and person a young athlete can be. Click here for tips on how to inspire young athletes in a positive way.

Sprocket Content

Our platform hosts a collection of curated resources for players, parents and coaches, including articles, videos and podcasts from leaders in youth sports. Check out some examples of our parent education videos here.