Analytics for Clubs: The GRO Program

For clubs that want to get better faster, implementing a feedback loop is key. At Sprocket Sports, we have partnered with the analytics experts at Satori to create a unique program specifically for youth sports clubs that measures retention, player experiences and club loyalty.

How It Works

  1. Satori distributes a concise survey to all club members including a
    question to determine Net Promoter Score (NPS), the gold standard for
    measuring customer experience.

  2. Satori gathers results and provides an overall summary of club performance, including national benchmarks. The analytics tool also shows breakdowns by team and by coach.

  3. Satori provides analysis and support to help club leaders identify opportunities to improve and deliver great experiences.

Why Participate in the GRO Program?

Clear View

Our interactive analytics platform will help you better understand and explore your club’s retention and player experience. Review results at the club level, team level, or any summarized level in between.


As a third party, Satori ensures anonymous feedback so members can feel confident sharing their genuine experiences. The more truthful the feedback, the more the club can learn throughout this process.


Coaches may provide player feedback on how to develop and improve, but how often do they receive the same type of feedback? Our expert analysis provides a benchmarked player experience summary to highlight relative strengths and weaknesses, helping coaches identify opportunities to develop and improve.

Meet Adam Kuhn, Satori Executive Director

In this video, Adam talks about the top two drivers to increase retention and introduces you to the GRO Program:

About Adam

Adam Kuhn began coaching in 2013 with the Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club and is currently a coach with the Chicago Fire Youth Soccer Club. Adam has worked with youth players of nearly every age and level, valuing the experiences of all players. In addition to coaching, Adam has experience in people analytics, management consulting, and investment finance. He enjoys helping Sprocket clients become the best they can be for their players, parents, coaches, and communities.