Evanston Soccer Association Streamlines Operations & Gains Financial Clarity

The Challenge

"As soccer coaches, we spend a lot of time working during the day and training during the evenings. We're gone on weekends at games, and while we love it, we're always searching for efficiencies," said Ryan C. French, Executive Director, Evanston Soccer Association (ESA). Like many clubs across the country, ESA was tired of the disjointed and expensive technology solutions and apps it was using, and underwhelmed with other software in the market.

We present ourselves one way on the field, and now when people look for us online, it's the same. It's professional and positive, thanks to Sprocket Sports. We'd encourage any club, every club — doesn't have to be a soccer club — to consider using Sprocket Sports. Because the story for us has been positive.

—Ryan French Executive Director
Evanston Soccer Association

The Solution

ESA credits their newfound management efficiencies and financial clarity to Sprocket Sports Registration, Dashboard and Content Management modules. "With Sprocket Sports, it's easy to up-sell, add-on and create additional registrations, and track how well they're doing over time. It used to be a burden before, but now it's simple.

The Dashboard is fantastic; everything is in a single location so it's all integrated and tied in. Where we're emailing from, where we're communicating directions and schedules from, and where we're keeping our club information and registrations: the data is in one spot. This has been a game changer for us," said Ryan.

ESA also uses Sprocket's integrated Content Management System to create and share content with its parents, players and coaches, including information on programs, coaches and special events.

The Result

Since becoming a client, ESA has had a banner year. "When you're running a club, obviously you need to grow your revenue and control your expenses. With Sprocket Sports, we found that it's helping us on the retention side — improving our customer Net Promoter Score (NPS) and facilitating easy and quick registrations — and also making it easy for customers to sign up for supplemental camps and even make donations to the club. When it comes to recruiting new players, the website has enhanced our brand and allowed us to promote many supplemental programs where new players are able to 'sample' the club.

On the expense side of things, Sprocket's pricing model is a real cost-saver, especially with the discount offered for ACH payments. Plus, Sprocket's automation of accounts receivable has helped solve a significant bad debt problem for our club," said Ryan.

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