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Sprocket Sports Announces the Release of Version 2.0 of Youth Sports Club Software Platform

Sprocket Sports announced today the release of Version 2.0 of its comprehensive software platform for youth sports clubs. Version 2.0 includes numerous new modules and features, including:

  • Enhanced Reporting - including more reports and more filtering capabilities
  • Email Communications - to enable administrators, marketers and team managers to send targeted messages
  • A new and improved Parent/Player Dashboard – that integrates with in-place team management apps to allow for a “one-stop shopping” user experience on the Sprocket Sports platform
  • Enhanced Registration - with greater flexibility and configurability to set up different kinds of registrations
  • Financial Aid module - including an application process for scholarships and the ability to track Financial Aid grants vis-à-vis the annual budget

"We are delighted to add a number of new modules and enhancements for youth sports clubs," noted Brett Baker, Chief Technology Officer. "It seems that each and every week, we are facing new challenges from our customers, in large part driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and the rapidly evolving landscape. We look at these challenges as driving even greater urgency into building what we believe will be the best platform on the planet for youth sports clubs."

Rich Gallun, Chief Executive Officer, added, "While we understand that this pandemic has made it very difficult to run a youth sports club, we believe that it is an ideal time to offer a modern software platform that will help clubs thrive in the years ahead."

About Sprocket Sports

Sprocket Sports is a modern, all-in-one management and marketing platform designed specifically for youth sports clubs. Its comprehensive technology helps clubs reduce operating expenses, increase revenues, build their brand and engage with families. In addition to player registration and payments, Sprocket Sports offers websites, marketing and communication modules, administrative tools, dashboards, mobile apps, and more. Learn more at sprocketsports.com.

Susan Blinkhorn