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Sprocket Sports Announces the Release of Version 3.0 of Youth Sports Club Software Platform

Sprocket Sports announced today the release of version 3.0 of its comprehensive software platform for youth sports clubs. Version 3.0 includes numerous new modules and features, including:

  • Custom Reporting tool - allows reports to be quickly built on the fly, with enhanced filtering and the ability to select specific fields
  • Team Assignment module - simplifies the process of assigning players to teams and tracking player registrations and responses
  • Team Management module - streamlines the ability of coaches and team managers to schedule games and practices and communicate with team members and parents
  • Enhanced Import capabilities - easily import team schedules and other external data files
  • Enhanced Form processing (for Team Registrations) - now able to easily generate player forms by teams for leagues and tournaments, including necessary documents (e.g., proof of age)
  • Enhanced Registration - with greater flexibility and configurability to set up different kinds of registrations and discounts
  • Mobile App - a native mobile App for iOS and Android allowing coaches, team managers, parents and players to view and update team schedules, track attendance, easily communicate with each other and more

"We're delighted to add a number of new modules and enhancements," commented Brett Baker, Chief Technology Officer. "We're fortunate to be able to collaborate with a number of innovative clubs as our early clients to help guide our development priorities. We also feel great about having built a strong and experienced technology team to deliver quality software in rapid fashion. We look forward to continuing to build on this strong foundation — and to continue to build the nation's best youth sports club platform."

Rich Gallun, Chief Executive Officer, added, "As youth sports move closer to normalcy after the pandemic, we are excited to help clubs thrive and grow. We believe that our modern software platform is already providing our clients with a competitive advantage in a challenging market, but we will continue to work with these market leaders to add those features, modules and enhancements with the most impact on their business and operations."

About Sprocket Sports

Sprocket Sports is a modern, all-in-one management and marketing platform designed specifically for youth sports clubs. Its comprehensive technology helps clubs reduce operating expenses, increase revenues, build their brand and engage with families. In addition to player registration and payments, Sprocket Sports offers websites, marketing and communication modules, administrative tools, dashboards, mobile apps, and more. Learn more at sprocketsports.com.

Susan Blinkhorn