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Sprocket Sports Launches Version 1.0 of Youth Sports Club Software Platform

Sprocket Sports announced today the launch of Version 1.0 of its comprehensive software platform designed to help streamline marketing, registration and administration for youth sports clubs. Version 1.0 includes modules for public websites, payments, donations and reporting. Notably, in response to the unique challenges presented by COVID-19, the system also incorporates the ability to issue, apply, track and manage payment credits for those players unable to play during the spring season.

"At Sprocket Sports, we are delivering technology solutions to address the real challenges that youth sports club face today," noted Brett Baker, Chief Technology Officer. "This Version 1.0 is our foundation from which we plan to add multiple modules and enhancements in the years ahead based on input and feedback we gather from our partner clubs."

Sprocket Sports was founded in 2019 by Rich Gallun and Brett Baker, both veterans of the software and services business as well as parents of young athletes. Rich Gallun, Chief Executive Officer, commented, "We saw an opportunity to leverage our decades of experience in employee benefits administration — which is very similar to sports club registration and administration from a technology perspective — to help youth sports clubs become more effective and efficient. We are truly excited to offer clubs a comprehensive new platform with a modern user experience to enable them to deliver a better sports product and service to their customers."

About Sprocket Sports

Sprocket Sports is a modern platform that helps clubs thrive, not just survive, in the competitive world of youth sports. In addition to player registration, Sprocket Sports offers administration, marketing, and communication solutions to help clubs build their brand, increase revenues, and reduce operational expenses. To learn more about how Sprocket Sports serves youth sports clubs as a true business partner — and not just another app — visit sprocketsports.com.

Emma Frutkin