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Sprocket Sports Announces the Release of Version 4.0 of Its Youth Sports Club Software Platform

Today, Sprocket Sports announced the release of Version 4.0 of its comprehensive software platform for youth sports clubs. Now in its fourth year, the Sprocket platform today offers a breadth and depth of functionality unmatched in the market. Version 4.0 offers many new tools and modules developed over the past year, including:

  • Player Measurables: this new Sprocket module enables coaches and clubs to track key player metrics ranging from skill ratings (e.g., on a scale of 1-5) to quantitative measurements (e.g., vertical jump). In addition to being used for Tryout evaluations, these measurables will be available to incorporate into longitudinal assessments of player progress over time. All metrics are configurable for each club.
  • Invoicing: Sprocket’s invoicing tool allows for the efficient billing and collection of payments for all kinds of add-on products and services, such as merchandise and special events.
  • Field/Court/Rink Scheduling: given the escalating cost of renting fields, courts and rinks, clubs need a tool to optimize the use of these scarce resources. Sprocket’s scheduling tool enables club leaders and administrators to build and manage schedules, including the ability to identify potential conflicts so that they can be resolved in advance.
  • League Management: Sprocket’s full-service League Management module enables team registrations, team rostering, league scheduling, scores and standings, and playoff match ups.

Numerous enhancements and upgrades were added to existing modules over the past year, including:

  • Websites and Content Management: with the goal of elevating client clubs’ brand presence, marketing effectiveness and player retention, Sprocket has added multiple new public website features, including modifications to improve SEO, streamline the customer search interface for supplemental programs, and to pull in various content from both the Sprocket platform and external sources such as social media. In addition, Sprocket’s native Content Management System is an industry first that enables clubs to efficiently manage their operations with “one-stop setup” for administrators and “one-stop shopping” for parents, players and coaches across all channels including the public website, the member website, and the mobile App.
  • Registrations and Payments: our Sprocket platform continues to evolve in response to client feedback to enable quick and easy registrations for both club administrators and customers – and to accommodate and automate challenging financial aid and payment plan scenarios. Over the past year, the Sprocket platform also added more robust functionality and configurability to manage program waiting lists and capacity limits.
  • Tryouts: the incomparable Sprocket Tryout module was enhanced with multiple refinements over the past year, including a more streamlined user experience for coaches, volunteers, players and parents – both on the mobile App and on desktop devices.
  • Dashboard Panels: the Sprocket Dashboard now offers a multitude of snapshots of key metrics for a club – from Finances to Registrations to Team Rosters to Market Analyses. This enables club leaders to understand in real time how their club is performing and easily identify key insights and trends from the data.
  • Financial Reports: Sprocket’s reporting suite provides quick access to the necessary reports to manage a club’s financial operations efficiently. Reports are tailored specifically to address the needs of both clubs using Cash accounting and also those using Accrual accounting.
  • Mobile App: in addition to regular upgrades to streamline the overall user experience, the Sprocket App now offers many features unique to the market, including:
    • “Club App” capabilities: while many Apps only show information for a specific team, the Sprocket App allows clubs to showcase club-wide information such as Programs (e.g., Camps), Events, News, Content, and Sponsors.
    • Personalization: the Sprocket App enables clubs to deliver the right information to the right users at the right time – whether it’s with targeted programs, such as camps for the younger ages, or with content, such as college recruitment guides for high school players.
    • Alerts: to notify users of important information and urgent tasks such as upcoming camps, pending team invitations or payments due.
    • Social Media/Club Photos: enables club leaders and marketers to efficiently collect and share photos across a large number of teams for use in multiple social media channels.
    • SafeSport Compliance: on the Sprocket App, parents and guardians are automatically cc’d on any communication between club coaches/staff and youth athletes who are minors. This applies to all communications on shared family accounts as well as to individual player accounts which can be set up on the Sprocket App for all youth athletes who are 13 years and older.

“We are delighted to continue to build out the Sprocket platform on behalf of our club customers,” commented Brett Baker, Chief Technology Officer. “Our experienced in-house technology team focuses on intuitive design, high quality, and delivering reliable functionality at a rapid rate. We are proud of what we’ve built to date, and even more excited about the future. Over the past four years, we have collaborated with a number of innovative clubs that have helped guide Sprocket to maximize the impact of the platform. We look forward to continuing to build on this strong foundation – and to continue to build on what we already believe is the nation’s best youth sports club platform.”

Dan Ryan, Chief Product Officer, added, “As the newest member of the Sprocket Tech team, I’m struck by the velocity at which Sprocket delivers numerous upgrades and updates to the platform. Given my 10+ years of experience at Amazon, I see numerous areas where Sprocket can develop additional ground-breaking software and services for clubs, especially in the fields of e-commerce, social media, personalization, and generative AI to help streamline administration and build their brands. I look forward to helping the team deliver on these key initiatives in the years to come.”

Rich Gallun, Chief Executive Officer, added, “At Sprocket, we seek not only to help clubs reduce their administrative burdens and costs, but also to provide unique tools, insights, content and services to help them gain a competitive edge and grow their business. As we continue to add client clubs at a brisk pace, we are excited about our ability to positively impact the youth sports landscape by leveraging technology and analytics.”

About Sprocket Sports

Sprocket Sports is a modern, all-in-one management and marketing platform designed specifically for youth sports clubs. Its comprehensive technology helps clubs reduce operating expenses, increase revenues, build their brand and engage with families. In addition to player registration and payments, Sprocket Sports offers websites, marketing and communication modules, administrative tools, dashboards, mobile apps, and more. Learn more at sprocketsports.com.

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