Small Details. Big Difference.

A lot of club management systems promise to make your job a breeze, but few actually deliver the detailed functionality required to transform your business.

Sprocket Sports is different.

Our platform was created by leaders who have experience running youth sports clubs and building software for Fortune 500 companies. We know what tools you need to save time and money and we know how to build them.

Here’s a glimpse at just a few of our small details:

  • Dashboards With the key strategic and financial metrics that really matter.
  • Monthly & Annual Financial Reports: Detailed and accurate reports with easy integration with accounting systems such as QuickBooks.
  • Bad Debt Reduction: Multiple tools to automate and streamline collection of receivables.
  • Financial Aid: Built-in aid determination process; also enables tracking of financial aid, including actual vs. budget.
  • Fundraising: Donation and sponsorship modules to help you easily raise dollars for your club.
  • Registration Rules: Filter players into the correct programs; prevent registrations when players are ineligible.
  • Team Assignments & Invitations: Roster teams efficiently and invite players to the correct team – also handle guest player and double-roster scenarios.
  • Payment Plans: Flexible payment plans to automate a challenging process.
  • Cancellations, Credits and Refunds: Tricky stuff but we can do it – especially with batch processing for high volume transactions.
  • Team Registrations for Tournaments & Leagues: Easily generate forms or send data electronically for team registrations.
  • Public Website & Content Management System (CMS): Included in our platform – flexible and modern, yet easy to set up and maintain with no third party “integration” required.
  • Email Tools: Embedded email tools to easily reach existing and prospective players.
  • Cross-Selling Camps & Clinics: Set up supplemental programs with a few clicks, and attract both existing and new players to register easily.
  • Photos: Collect photos from all teams throughout the club for use with social media.
  • Video, Advertising, & Social Media Services: Attract more players and keep the ones you have with our modules and full-service options.
  • Mobile App: Modern mobile App with all the features you want, integrated with the full platform so you don’t have to enter data twice.
  • Schedules: Comprehensive scheduling management and updates for fields, rinks, courts, etc.
  • Communications: Keep everyone informed easily and efficiently with club announcement and team chat features.
  • Player Evaluations: Easy-to-use tools for everything from quick feedback after a game to more in-depth 2-way dialogue with your players.
  • Resources: Access club documents and information at your fingertips.
  • Mobile App & Next Generation Software: Intuitive, simple user experience for everything from registrations to team schedules to club announcements and information.
  • All-in-One: Sign up for camps and supplemental programs on the same platform with a “friction-free” shopping experience.
  • No More Redundant Forms: Only sign those Waivers once a year!
  • Data: Your data is stored securely and is easily accessible for multiple programs, years, and clubs throughout the youth sports journey.
  • Family: Invite family members to join your household on the Sprocket platform so you all know when and where to find the game!