Evanston Hockey Elevates Operations & Upgrades Customer Experience

This is the first time I’ve had families reach out to me to tell me how much they love our new website because it’s easy to use and it looks great.

—Marina Marich Board Member, Evanston High School Hockey

From an administrative standpoint, easy matters.

—Andrew Bediz Board Member, Evanston Hockey

Watch this video to find out how Evanston Hockey uses Sprocket Sports to seamlessly manage three different hockey clubs all on one platform.

Most important to the Evanston Hockey organization was the creation of customized public websites for each club that are easy to set up and administer and provide a simple and streamlined user experience for their families.

Combined with targeted communication tools, a content management system that is “second to none,” and dedicated account managers that are knowledgeable and responsive, Sprocket Sports helped Evanston Hockey elevate their operations and upgrade their customer experience.