Lyons Township Soccer Club Enhances Member Experience, Increases Revenues, & Reduces Costs

The Challenge

The Lyons Township Soccer Club (LTSC) has been a staple of the west suburban Chicago soccer market for over 30 years, providing opportunities and resources to players at all levels. The club prides itself on player development, training players to play at highly competitive high schools in the area, including Lyons Township High School which consistently ranks as one of the top programs in Illinois. LTSC has also helped many players navigate the college recruitment process, allowing them to continue their playing careers at Division I, II, and III schools.

As the Executive Director of a preeminent soccer club in Chicagoland, Gavin McCrindle has heard numerous club operating platform pitches over the years and did not think there was anything impactful enough to warrant a switch. He was using multiple systems and tools to build a website, manage registrations, create team rosters, and communicate with members. For the past 16 years McCrindle has been committed to providing the best experience possible for LTSC members, so when he saw a demo of the Sprocket platform, he knew it was time.

The Solution

Sprocket’s functionality spans every single aspect needed to run a youth sports club, so you no longer need multiple applications. Our previous system and tools were frustrating for both our administrators and members, but Sprocket has transformed our experience.

—Gavin McCrindle Executive Director
Lyons Township Soccer Club

LTSC continues to be impressed by Sprocket Sports’ client service, specifically their dedicated account manager who is attentive and proactive. “They take our feedback seriously," said McCrindle. “They've even met with us in person and incorporated our ideas into the platform. Everything with them is just so genuine.”

Additionally, LTSC likes having a transparent view into Sprocket's technology roadmap. "As a company, you can tell they're always looking to grow and evolve. They're not standing still. Sprocket is looking to see where the market is going so we're always ready. They're asking us ‘how can we make it better?’ – you're not going to get that from any other platform. I'm excited that there are so many new things on the horizon."

The Result

Since LTSC switched to Sprocket Sports, they have received zero complaints from parents. "Our parents’ feedback was a big driver for us making the switch and we're grateful that the change has been so smooth and positive. They appreciate how quick registration is, as well as being able to access everything in one place — no more lost information and misunderstandings between multiple apps."

LTSC has already seen a return on investment, reducing costs and time spent on back-end work due to the automation, easy navigation, and data visibility Sprocket provides. McCrindle credits their improved accounts receivable to Sprocket’s automated late payment reminders. On top of that, the club has also seen an increase in revenues. "Our supplemental programs are more visible and easier for customers to register – summer camp numbers were 2x higher this year! Plus, you can see if someone has an incomplete registration so we can hop on the phone and talk to people who are just on the fence. We’ve been able to answer questions quickly and get them to complete registrations."

In sum, McCrindle said, "I would definitely recommend Sprocket Sports. Our new and modern website has really helped with marketing and the functionality is so much better. Everything is more visible and completing tasks has never been easier, so we can spend even more time on what really matters – connecting with our members and developing our players into the best athletes and individuals they can be. We cannot wait to see what the future holds with our newest teammate, Sprocket Sports."

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